Stoke City 0-2 Manchester city.

David Silva with his double made the City taking lead with three points.

For Manchester City there was the great day. They boarded their flight at Abu Dhabi enjoyed last night being at the top of the table. They are now 16 points clear of Man United once again.

Manchester City feel that they are now strong enough to grab the crown of Premier League. After David Silva conveyed his double against Stoke City at their home side. Coming back to the group in the wake of being enabled sympathetic leave to invest energy with his better half in Spain, where the couple’s rashly conceived child keeps on getting medicinal consideration.

David Silva
David Silva scoring first goal for Man city.

(Source: The Guardian.)

Manchester City with their great ability of creating game play conceived their first goal in the starting minutes. David Silva was the opener to his first one at 10’, as they got little bit tight at the back and Jesus then gave it to Sterling that clear on the right side. That makes the ball for Silva convert it on the left side of the net.            Stoke City 0-1 Manchester City.

Stoke City get the ball on grabbing the possession from Man City, but Man city are so good that they are capable of taking back the ball from the Home side.

Half- time: Stoke City 0-1 Manchester City.

The half time started as the game was on the side of Stoke city they had their counters that made Man city Gameplay into pressurized. But then what they got their goal at 50’, Silva made his double made Stoke City game into trouble. At 49’ they got a corner which Silva went to take it alone made a one to one passing strategy. He got the ball with a lofted ones into the box and made his second goal for the game.                                      Stoke City 0-2 Manchester City.

David Silva
David silva with his second goal for Man City.

(Source: The Guardian.)