Zinedine Zidane hopes that Real Madrid can still win La Liga title.

Real Madrid still is fifteen points behind Barcelona. But still, Zidane thinks that his team can win the title for the second year running.

Current Points table:

La Liga Standings

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There are just 12 games remaining and last defeat against Espanyol creates a huge task to catch Barca.

Atletico Madrid at the second position is creating pressure on Barca. Madrid still have chance to get closer to the top by winning a home game against Getafe on this Saturday


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Zidane: “What we have to do is win games, that’s all. Keep going to the end of the season. That’s what we have to do and that’s what we have to think about.”

“It’s not easy to go out and win all the games but it’s what the players have to try and do. If we’re always motivated and thinking about the game, then we can achieve something great.

“There’s always a league – it’s right to the end for every team. Perhaps everyone thinks the league is over but in football, you can never give up. That’s what we have to do. We have to get it into our heads that our remaining league games are important.

“We’re going to fight until the end of the league. It’s complicated but it’s not impossible, that’s the difference between what I say and what you [the media] say. It’s difficult, it’s very difficult, but it’s not impossible.

“We went on a run of five wins, that’s football. Last Tuesday against Espanyol, we were angry to lose but we didn’t expect to lose. We made some mistakes. When things go wrong you can’t just think about that, you have to look at the positives. Think about what we were doing before.

“It will be difficult, yes, but it won’t be impossible. Look what’s happening between the first and second teams, only five points different. Did you expect that? If Atletico wins then it’s only two points. Did anyone expect that? The league still exists and I’m an optimist, always, until the very end.”