Guardiola previewed Barcelona’s game.

Pep Guardiola had a belief that Manchester City are inferior to Barcelona’s game, saying his group need to overwhelm for no less than 10 years to be considered at their level.

Manchester city had game with with Basel in Wednesday’s Champions league most recent 16 second leg holding a 4-0 advantage. However being through the quarter finals and inspiring through the opposition  Guardiola agreed that they remain below the quality of the game that Barca is having, who are five times winner of Champions League.

Pep Guardiola appeared for UEFA Press Conference
Pep Guardiola appeared for UEFA Press Conference

Guardiola said “They have won a lot in the past. We are new – we’ve won one title [the League Cup] but it is not a [fair] comparison, which we considered that it is not good for us comparing with Barcelona team. That team dominated in the most recent decade, 15 to 20 years with various administrators, distinctive players. We have recently won the principal title. To join this sort of group you must be there quite a while.”

“Considering for the team Real Madrid who are 12 times winner of Champions League, they had a great win against PSG in their home  3-1. But Madrid is not good not playing well in this season as they are running behind in their league, but it’s a different competition anything can be happen as we are in the quarter finals for the second time in our history.”

“We are almost in quarter finals for the second leg,we are almost the Champions of Premier league.We are not the champions of Champions league. That is why we have to be in calm that is the best advice I can give to my players.”

(Source: The Guardian.)