Crystal Palace 2-3 Manchester United.

Andros Townsend (11′)      Chris Smalling (55′)

Van Aanholt (48′)               Romelu Lukaku (76′)

Nemanja Matic (90 +0:47′)

Manchester United returned from 2-0 down win over Crystal Palace during injury time on account of a fantastics strike from Nemanja Matic. Manchester United victory got them to come over at second place. Nemaja Matic considered the match winning goal during the extra minutes, was still wearing a look of shock and disbelief himself through his post-coordinate meetings.

During the starting of the game Crystal Palace Captain Luka Milivojevic gave a forward push to this as to make as many chances as they could during the starting minutes of the game. They had a great counter attacks against Manchester United as to create pressure against them. That gave them the first goal of the match during early minutes at 11’ by Townsend.

(Source: The Guardian)

 Andros Townsend
Andros Townsend flies into the Top corner

Awesome play by Benteke. He locks onto a pleasant go from Milivojevic, gets one on one with Smalling on the edge of Manchester United’s case, squares the ball to Townsend, who hits it first time, it guns off Lindelof’s shoulder and flies into the best corner. De Gea didn’t jump, he was totally wrong footed. Royal residence most likely pretty much merit that lead. Crystal Palace 1-0 Manchester United.

Crystal Palace again got their second chance after the half time at 48’. The goal scored by Van Anholt puts Crystal Palace with a lead of 2-0. Benteke was fouled near the midway line. Benteke then got the free-kick which created a through ball for Van Anholt that races through unchallenged and side foots the ball inside the close post of De Gea. Crystal Palace 2-0 Manchester United.

(Source: The Guardian)

Van Aanholt
David Dea Gea beaten by Van Aanholt

Machester United got the followback against Palace at 51’. United got the corner and had a chance to convert it into a goal. Palace cleared the ball, Valencia grabbing the free ball. Valencia then crosses the ball aiming toward Smalling which gave his header into the far corner of the net. That was an easy finish by Smalling. Crystal Palace 2-1 Manchester United.

Chris Smalling
Chris Smalling on to his header.

United then made the equalizer which brings them all square against Cyrstal Palace. Romelu Lukaku was the key player to ensure his equalizer against Palace. Pogba and Sanchez demonstrate some slick addresses the edge of Palace’s crate, the last smashing a shot at goal. Tomkins gets a half-hinder in, and the ball spoons undetermined and over Hennessey’s crossbar, before skipping out to Lukaku. The Belgian takes an age to kick it into high gear the ball under control, and has an ocean of bodies amongst him and the objective, yet after around six phony shots, he at last presses the ball inside the close post, through a diversion. What an amusement we have here. Crystal Palace 2-2 Manchester United.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu lukaku celebrates after scoring the equalizer.

(90+2) The Golden goal created by Nemanja Matic which gave united to come from 2-0 down to lead.Matic from 30 yards which created a shot slicing away from Hennessey dipped into to the top corner, and got the sensational win over Crystal Palace. Full time Crystal Palace 2-3 Manchestre United.

Nemanja Matic
Nemanja Matic scoring the last minute goal.