Quarterfinal: Manchester United – Brighton, FA Cup

And we are off, the players are on the ground making their trials of to the snow. And there goes the whistle from the referee. During the starting minutes, Brighton had their majority in possession. They made their passes and made sure to have their attacks.

Manchester United, at their home side being pressurized, made their chances to grab the ball from Brighton. tackles among players were the most, as the atmosphere in there is grooming the stadium. Martial creates his first shot which he cuts the player easily but then the ball goes away the ground.

At 29’ United are trying to have their first objective for their quarters. Mata and Martial had their one to one game tactics to go on in the box but Mata had his shot in vain as it got deflected by the Brighton defender. And the goal! At 37’ as Romelu Lukaku gets his header into the net makes the Manchester United taking the lead. Matic without seeing on the other side made a cross within assuming his teammate should be there, makes a great assist. Manchester United 1-0 Brighton.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku scored with a header. Lukaku is now considered as Man at the moment.

Lukaku is considered as the main man at that moment. As he has scored or assisted in each of his last five appearances for Manchester United.

V Chelsea, V Crystal Palace, V Liverpool, V Sevilla, v Brighton.

Half-time: Manchester United 1-0 Brighton.

And the second half begins the fans seem to be excited as both the teams are on the ground, but the snow is still ongoing.

Manchester United are now being dangerous towards Brighton as they got their lead during the first half of the game. Aside Brighton is taking the advantage of United’s lack of pressing and are enjoying the couple moves going forward inside the box of Man United. But it doesn’t look good when they got the intercepted by United defenders.

At the home side, the fans are on high pressure as the Brighton re putting under pressure during they had their chance to cover up the one-goal lead to make the equalizer. Mourinho seems to make a change as Rashford is in for Mata. The young striker will now start from left to right with Martial playing on right.

Manchester got their second objective at 83’. Matic with his header made the United double their lead. United got the free-kick. Ashley young swings the ball inside the box of Brighton towards the back post, Matic aiming at the ball and the goal netted to make the double for Man United. That concluded the Gameover goal for that match. Manchester United 2-0 Brighton.

Matic made the second for United

United once more from their Champions League frustration by acquiring a place in the FA Cup semi-finals because of a moderately routine win over Brighton at Old Trafford. Matic made one and scored one, as he lobbed the ball onto Lukaku’s head in the principal half before indenting his own particular after the break. Brighton had their odds, however, were not sufficiently clinical at whenever.

Full Time: Manchester United 2-0 Brighton.