Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Juventus(agg 3-4).

Davide Astori
RIP Davide Astori

Before the starting of the game there was the silence among the champions and the audience for Davide Astori of Fiorentina, who passed away last week. RIP David.

For Tottenham it will be little comfort for this evening with the volume turned up as high as with start of the second leg of UEFA champions league facing Juventus,that would influence the champions to group feel so uncommon.
It was a quick start by Tottenham, that created Juventus to be pressured during the starting of the game. Son makes great down the left but he was unable to discover to Kane in the center. This time he enters to the territory creates a shot, which Buffon repels with his solid arms which throws the ball out of his area.A great start but miss out the opportunity.

Heiung Son-Min
Son celebrates after scoring against Juventus.

Well Son get the opportunity which he deserved during the 39′ minute. Eriksen plays the ball to into the region down within the right towards Alli. Alli’s shot was blocked. The ball then avoids Erickson which he continued running,wherein Son meets it on the left. Son mis-kicks which created confusions to Buffon and Chiellini and bounces almost into the net.That makes Tottenham 3-2 with their aggregate to take the lead. Tottenham 1-0 Juventus.

Half-Time: Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Juventus(agg3-2).

Tottenham being the leader in half time,at (64′) Juventus get their come back as the mood changes in a split of seconds, as Lichtsteiner races down the right. He crosses the ball. Khedira heading towards the penalty spot. The ball then wents off to left, however Higuin collects the ball before Lloris and bangs the goal into the right-hand side of net. Tottenham 1-1 Juventus.

 Gonzalo Higuin
Gonzalo Higuain makes it 1-1

There is an advantage for Tottenham as they are still going on with their lead on away goal.But a few minutes passed juventus strikes another one at (67′),making the aggregate of 3-4. Higuin takes up the possession with his back to goal 40 yards out.He creates a simple pass down towards Dybala. Dybala races to the zone of Tottenham and makes a shot whch goes it into the upper right of the net. Dybala puts Juventus infront taking the lead from Tottenham. Tottenham 1-2 Juventus.

Paulo Dybala
Dybala makes it 1-2 for Juventus

Last chance for Tottenham to be in the league during the last minute of the game. Kane – who is offside, yet the banner doesn’t go up, beats Chiellini noticeable all around and heads down and to one side. The ball skips up off the turf in moderate movement, past the outstretched arm of Buffon. It hits the side of the post and ricochets back over the line.Lamela can’t arrive first to push home. Rather, Barzagli hacks clear.So near salvation.

Harry kane
Harry Kane demolishes after missing his header