UEFA Champions League: Beskitas 1-3 Bayern Munich(Agg 8-1).

Match Preview: Besiktas – Bayern Munich.

And we are off today at Vodafone Arena. The crowds at home side describe the excitation level of the supporters. Besiktas got their start and they are trying to give pressure to Bayern despite lossing against Bayern in their by 5-0(away goal).Maybe Besiktas are about to win this game.

Bayern Munich got their first chance as they grab the ball from Besiktas as Thiago spreads to Alaba which he crosses the ball to the back post but Vidal tries to make a header but he misses it out as the ball goes to the other side of the ground.

At the Home side Besiktas are trying harder to get the ball from Bayern’s Possession, looks like they are massively trying to get their objectives. The ball goes down into the box, Lens made his chance runs a shot but Love get their early and he makes a terrible at play.

Bayern Munich got their early freekick from the centre. Alaba sends the ball into the box but it faded away as Zengin pushes it away. Muller and Lewandowski got their rebound but that too goes in vain. But few minutes just passed away Bayern Munich got their great lead at away side. They made a forward attack with a simple tactic. Muller takes the ball dribbles it and makes a cross into the box aiming if someone could make it. Thiago collects the cross perfectly first time and made 1-0 which brings the aggregate of 6-0. Besiktas 0-1 Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich made their openings
Bayern Munich made their openings

Beskitas also get their chance after Quaresma who plays like a teenage guy, cuts the ball from the left and tries his shot to make the equaliser for Besiktas, but that flies out of the ground. And Lens had his great try to equalise the score at home side. He runs the ball into the box of Bayern. Hummels chased him down and he fells down at Boateng.

Half-time: Besiktas 0-1 Bayern Munich

The second half begins with the great start of Bayern Munich as they are on targeting their second one. As Rafinha got the ball and crosses it inside the box of Besiktas to make the double. But his cross made Besiktas in their own net considered the own goal for Besiktas. Bayern now leads the scoreline of 2-1 making the aggregate of 7-0. Besiktas 0-2 Bayern Munich.

Bayern doubles the scoreline.
Bayern doubles the scoreline.

Beskitas in second is trying to make the openings at their home side. They got their objective at 59’ by Vagner Love. Sule gives the ball carelessly, Love takes the ball into the penalty area and stabs the ball into the top corner makes the opening for Besiktas by 2-1 with 7-1 aggregate. Besiktas 1-2 Bayern Munich.

Openigs at the home side made scoreline 2-1.
Openings at the home side made scoreline 2-1.

Bayern Munich made their third one after they got their trouble goal from Besiktas. The ball is with Rodriguez which he dribbles inside the box got the pass from his teammates he made a through ball towards Alaba. Alaba takes the ball tries to make it across the box on the left. His cross was deflected by the goalkeeper which Wagner chest the ball into the net very easily and go their third one. Aggregate 8-1. Besiktas 1-3 Bayern Munich

Wagner makes his frist goal for UEFA champions league
Wagner makes his first goal for UEFA champions league
Full-time: Besiktas 1-3 Bayern Munich(Agg 8-1)