Barcelona – Atletico Madrid.

Antoine Griezmann with his team mates are heading to face a new challenge against the Giants Barcelona, Griezmann with a great confidence is ready to face them as in all his previous matches he got his seven goals in three days a hat-trick against Sevilla, four against Leganes, and for now heading towards to meet Barcelona. In their previous match against Atletico Bilbao on Feb 18, Diego Simeone got the hope of winning the title after he got good result against Bilbao and was impressed by seeing the game of Antoine Griezmann, which brought up Atletico to second.

Barcelona also got so many victory as they are ruling at the top of the league. During the starting of Feb, they got seven in a row and were eleven points clear. And it wasn’t even 11 points over Real Madrid- the defending champions were seventeen behind, and now Atletico are the closest challengers. On Sunday if they got a win over Barcelona then they will get two points.

Coutinho celebrates after scoring goal with his team mates.

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Advantage for the Barca players is that they are five points clear in their league and they have the support of their fans at Camp Nou. Now there are only 11 games left and had already faced with Atletico, Real Madrid and Valencia.

Jordi alba
Jordi Alba comes out of the injury.

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Jordi Alba experienced incredible lengths to get a booking Barcelona’s 6-1 prevail upon Girona, which implied he needed to miss the Las Palmas coordinate however his yellow card tally was reset. In the mean time, Piqué was refreshed, to some extent over worries that his knee damage was all the while waiting. In any case, the therapeutic staff has revealed to Ernesto Valverde that Piqué’s knee is fine.

After analysis of Atletico players, with Diego Costa the team is more stronger than that at the time of previous season and Griezmann is even better scoring more and more goals which could be dangerous for Barcelona.He has been involved in 18 of his club’s 20 goals ,and Costa’s inclusions in January had seven goals and five assist.

Atletico madrid
Atletico Madrid celebrating their win over Leganes.

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Griezmann has been mindful in his reactions yet has implied that, in the event that he is cheerful, it isn’t impossible for him to proceed. Much has been made of the way that his little girl has recently begun school in Madrid; much has been made too of what the association with Costa is doing and what it might yet do. So there could be a future all things considered; in any event that it’s not all that unavoidable as it showed up.

Regardless of whether it this is one minute, it is one to be appreciated and one that, suddenly, could have an alliance title toward its finish. Also, regardless of whether it is only one week, what seven days, what an approach to work toward Barcelona. Three days, seven objectives, two match balls marked and, next, the Camp Nou.